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  • Your willingness to meet all of our request. Excellent personnel, facilities and appearance of the deceased. We would definitely recommend Steverson to family members, friends.
  • The associate we were dealing with had great "bedside" manner. Made the whole arrangement very easy and she was very informative. She did everything I needed & I wouldn't need anything changed. I would recommend Steverson, Hamlin & Hilbish to all my family and friends M.A.S
  • Everything was perfect, the way they handled and explained things. We wanted it simple and it was. We were not hurried or pushed in deciding what we wanted. When my son and I said simple- that's what we got-we are very pleased the way things were handled right down to the church. S.M.C
  • Matthew was very reassuring that everything would go smoothly.....and it did. The on-line obit was beautiful. The staff did everything they could to make us happy. Thank you so much. J.F
  • Our Family Service Counselor was very knowledgeable, caring, followed our wishes and gave us her phone number to call if we ever needed.
    D & K.L
  • How nice my husband was laid out and also how nice the pictures were displayed- most of all the grave side service was just wonderful in every way. Staff was wonderful, no complaints what so ever. God Bless all of you for what you do.
  • The pleasant voice of Jan walked me through a complete rehearsal after the important tasks were completed . They did a really great job from beginning to end . We were never pressured or hurried along. It was a pleasant experience.
  • Art Hilbish was a very nice, helpful gentleman. I had no idea who to turn to. His helpfulness with helping me moms cremation and the information he gave me is something that I could never thank him enough for and with that being said, Art Hilbish was the one that helped solidify my decision. Jesika P made paperwork simple and fast. She was very thoughtful in everything and made sure that I knew you guys were there if I needed anything. She made sure that every option available was explained and answered any question I had regardless of how crazy it sounded. During the time of great loss the entire staff was professional, friendly and treated my mother with dignity and respect. i thank everyone involved throughout the entire process. M.S
  • The kindness and compassion that everyone I have dealt with has shown me is what I remember the most. That definitely includes the gentleman who came to our home to pick up my husband very soon after our Hospice nurse called. Each person I’ve had contact with has been well informative, helpful and made me feel like my questions were important. I will always remember the candlelight remembrance service the week following my husband’s service and the thoughtfulness of all your staff. In summary your staff has all been wonderful!
  • I felt the warmth and caring immediate. Your ladies are so lovely. Everyone was very polite-mannerly-glad to do anything to make me comfortable. Everyone made my sadness so much easier to handle. Perfect!!