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  • Dear Sterverson, Hamlin, and Hilbish: Words cannot be found to express the gratitude and comfort our family experienced when we laid our beloved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather to rest near his family. We have yet been able to cry since seeing him "asleep" peacefully knowing he no longer was suffering from his illness. But now with a glorified eternal body because Jesus paid the price at the cross. Jesika's quiet manner and her ability for all the details to help us through a new sad experience. Thank you ever so much.
  • My mom lived close by the funeral home. She pointed out "her funeral home" every time we passed by. Courtney and compassion from everyone is what I remember the most.
    Ms. Smith
  • How well Jesika spoke about the arrangements and how professional Matt was, which took a load off my shoulders. We will always remember the great service.
    Gary Gifford
  • I would like to thank Jesika for all that she did for my son at the funeral. She went over and beyond my expectations. It was absolutely perfect! It was as if she knew him. She did as superb job! Thank you so very much.
    D. L.
  • The compassion of the people we talked to while making arrangements was the most memorable for our family.
  • Caring & Friendly staff. Everything was perfect.
  • Gail was so conscientious and courteous. She was truly an outstanding in every way!
  • Fortunately, hospice made arrangements by phone, which went smoothly. Excellent personnel, they were prompt to resolve issues and excellent communicators, empathetic, willingness to assist with family conflict and working with without difficulties.
  • Greetings :-), It has been 10 months since my mother, Sara Cochran has passed. it never gets easier. For the first time in my 57 years of life, I have experienced deep grief. It is a burden and a Blessing. I think the hardest part is not talking to her everyday. (Although I do still talk to her, just not in the physical sense). I apologize for not writing sooner,. I guess I just needed time. I want to say thank you. You have a tough job. I know what that is like. I'm a Corrections Nurse, and taking care of criminals is a challenge, but it has taught me so much about life, and has brought me so much closer to God. Thank you for your compassion, kindness, and going above and beyond in my families time of need. My heart is so grateful. Many people wonder how you can do what you do, day in and day out. I know how. It is a calling, just like my profession. We do it because we care, plain and simple. The personal rewards far outweigh the difficulties of our daily routines. I have so much to say, but mostly, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping us through one of life's most difficult times. God Bless,
    Paula Fischer & Family
  • Just got the feeling of sincere concern and desire to help. Can't think of anything that they did not do for us. Most memorable moments was the overall feeling of concern and compassion displayed by everyone I talk to.